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WPSC logoThe Preservation Trades Network is working in partnership with a consortium of nationally recognized window preservation specialists - Duffy Hoffman, John Leeke, Jim Turner, David Gibney and Bob Yapp - who are in the process of developing national standards for the repair and weatherization of old and historic windows. The Window Preservation Standards Collaborative (WPSC) will provide definitive energy testing data as well as standards for sustainable window repair, restoration and weatherization.

The replacement window industry is actively destroying hundreds of thousands of original and perfectly functional old windows every month. Based on the 8 billion dollars spent every year on replacement windows, as many as 12 million classic, old growth, wood window sashes end up in landfills annually. Still, over the last 30 years there has been a small group of window restoration experts, teaching, repairing, restoring and weatherizing historic windows. From the National Trust for Historic Preservation to statewide preservation groups to State Historic Preservation Offices to local preservation groups, saving historic windows has risen to the top of the agenda. As a result, more and more architects, specifiers, consultants, contractors and property developers are interested in specifying the weatherization and repair of historic windows with little information on standards they can use to do so. It is the purpose of the Window Preservation Standards Collaborative to change this by providing definitive energy testing data as well as standards for sustainable window repair, restoration and weatherization.

National Window Preservation Summit
Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky
July 26-28, 2011

PTN, WPSC and the Kentucky Heritage Council are sponsoring a National Window Preservation Summit at The Pine Mountain Settlement School (PMSS) in Pine Mountain, Kentucky, July 26-28. The Pine Mountain Settlement School is a National Historic Landmark with several buildings and every variety of wood and steel windows. The PMSS has facilities to feed and house up to 60 participants. The purpose of the Summit is to get the writers of the standards together, face-to-face with the Advisers, to effectively revise the draft of the standards. Also, to help the Observers develop a deep understanding of the project and the standards, so they can carry the word about the standards back home. WPSC is inviting 25 to 35 key advisers from across the country to attend this summit. The Summit will also be open to 25-35 Observers. While Observers will not be involved in the day-to-day commenting on the demonstrated standards, they will be able to witness the process and be key to the promotion of the Standards back home.

Registration includes an evening meal and room on Monday the 25th as well as breakfast 8:00 AM on Friday morning the 29th.  Vegetarian meal options are available.


download registration formIf you prefer to register by mail or fax please click on the icon at left to download a printable registration form.


Friday, July 22: Travel day for founding Collaborative members, their assistants and the energy testing organizations. Arrive by 5:00 p.m. with a meet-and-greet planning dinner at 6:00 p.m. This includes six Collaborative Founders, six Assistants, up to 6 energy testing personnel and 3 additional Advisers, about 21 people.

Saturday July 23: Energy testing participants will then set-up to conduct air infiltration testing on all four window units before restoration and weatherization in order to create a baseline. After lunch five of the Founders & their Assistants begin the restoration and weatherization of the five
selected windows. Three will be four wooden double hung units and one a steel casement unit.

Sunday, July 24: Collaborative Founders and Assistants continue the restoration and weatherization of the five window units.

Monday, July 25:

Advisers & Observers travel day to Pine Mountain.

Collaborative members and assistants finish the restoration and weatherization of the four window units by 5:00 p.m.

6:00pm dinner, orientation and presentation describing the five weatherized window openings finished that day as well as the agenda for the next three days.

Tuesday, July 26:

All morning long, the Energy testing participants will be set-up to conduct air infiltration testing on all four weatherized window units as Advisers and Observers watch.

All afternoon, Collaborative Founders, with an assistant for each, will demonstrate the various methods of window restoration & weatherization for the attendees. Questions and comments by the advisers at the end of each afternoon session.

5:30pm Dinner, Collaborative Founders and the energy testers will provide the energy testing results as well as all the existing, well researched studies on U-Values and solar/thermal performance etc. for attendees. Attendees discuss strategies for refinements of the draft standards.

Wednesday, July 27:

Collaborative Founders and Assistants will adjust the weatherization systems of their window units based on the initial energy testing and comments from the advisers on Tuesday.

Window demonstrations of the restoration & weatherization process continue until 3:00 with comments by the advisers at the end of each morning and afternoon session.

3:00pm Tour the Pine Mountain Settlement School with staff. After dinner meeting to present Draft Standards #2 with additional discussion.

Thursday, July 28:

Energy testing takes place all morning to establish the efficiency of the various standards that have been adjusted according to the Advisers comments and recommendations.

Free time for visiting area sights or hiking.

Afternoon: Founders and some Advisers work on a presentation for changes to the draft Standards.

5:30pm Dinner
6:30pm Founders and Advisers give a presentation on changes to the draft Standards.

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